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Web Page Design And Website Development

Employing professionals in web page design can provide a long-term strategy for promoting your business online successfully. Your website design is your doorway to progress and profit through the internet. Skillfully designed web pages, using the latest technology and practices, can be the foundation on which your business is built. Website Design There are various processes that go into web page design. Your website consists of many pages which have different technologies. There are many details that go into it, including [...]


Amazon will now deliver packages straight into your car’s trunk

Amazon can already unlock the front door of your home (if you let them) to deliver your packages, and now, the retail giant is looking for access to your car, too. All in the name of convenience, Amazon has launched yet another service that makes it easier for you to receive your ecommerce orders. This new feature doesn’t depend upon smart locks or cameras (as Amazon Key does), but rather on connected technology that is already inherent to several [...]


eBay Plans to Take On Amazon

EBay and its CEO, Devin Wenig, have a big task ahead for 2016: Proving to investors that the e-commerce site is still growing after its split from payments giant PayPal last year. So far, things aren’t looking good for eBay, which reported disappointing earnings for the important holiday season. But Wenig has a plan, which he laid out at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Media conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. In an interview on stage, he said that eBay [...]