Why digital marketing important during the pandemic

Why Digital Marketing Important During The Pandemic_Covid19_Silk Media

COVID-19 has already had a heavy impact on what businesses are doing, which was shifting business and consumers behaviours. Consumers shift to digital offering during the pandemic, so did marketer. Marketers have been following customer’s behaviours with their focus on digital marketing. More people online than ever As the pandemic continue, many of us were […]

Get Your Business on Google Search and Maps

Get Your Business on Google Search and Maps_SM

According to 2019 Google Shopping and Retails insight report, 90% of global shoppers saying, they used Google online search for products and services before visiting a store. It is important to ensure your business online presence is both robust and up-to-date with your company information about products and services. With more than 15 million users […]

Most Powerful Women in Computer Science

Ada Lovelace_Most Powerful Women in Computer Science

Gender equity and equality in Science are both vital for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, part of the Global goals those world leaders agreed in 2015. Countries around the world have made a lot of effort in inspiring the engaging women and girls in Science. Since it is initiation, the International Day […]

What is a Spear Phishing? How can I avoid it?

What is a Spear Phishing and how can I avoid_Silk Media Web Services

Spear-phishing is a method of stealing confidential information by sending fraudulent messages to a victim through email, SMS, social media, instant messenger, or a phone call. Since the pandemic’s outbreak, the Australian Government’s SCAMWATCH has received over 3,060 coronavirus-themed fraud reports with over $1,371,000 in reported losses. Phishing is a type of online Scam where […]

What is Internet of Things (IoT) and how it works?

What is Internet of Things (IoT) and how it works

You have probably heard about the internet of things, we call it IoT, any device that connects to the Wifi of your home would be an IoT device. The internet of things is any non-traditional devices that are connected to the internet. Therefore, it is not computers, tablets, or mobile phones, but things like “smart” […]

Don’t fall for a Phishing Email Scam

Don't fall for a phishing scam_SilkMedia Web Services

Phishing is a type of Online Scam where the Scammer send an email that display to be from a legitimate and trust worthy company and ask you to provide sensitive information. The Scammer normally does by including a link that will appear in the email to take you to the company’s website to fill in […]

Why content on your website is so important!

Why content on your website is so important

As a Web Developer, our aim is to keep your website live (99.9% uptime) and maintains web pages speed performance at the level of your expectation. In order for your website to show up in the first page in search results, the search engines has to know what your website is about. One of the […]

How do I sell product on Google Shopping?

What is the Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool where the online eCommerce businesses can upload and manage their products information such as pricing, picture product description that display across all Google, Shopping ads, Shopping Actions