Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get more traffic, more leads, more revenue

Google is the new phone book, more people are using search engines to find local businesses and make buying decisions from both PC computers and mobile phones devices. Without an effective search engine optimization strategy you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to attract new customers and clients

The sooner you start with search engine optimization the sooner you will get results on your site ranking. Businesses that show up in the local search area have a huge advantage because of their position on Google and Google sees this as very valuable digital real-estate. This proves to be beneficial in increasing revenue for all types and kinds of business.

Our SEO Services Focus On The Following

  • Content Creation and Implementation
  • UX / UI improvements & Usability
  • SEO Audit & Website bugs found and fixes
  • Advanced SEO including understanding search engines
  • On-Page Optimization, Page Speed
  • Link acquisition or link building
  • Competitor analysis and keyword research
  • A strategy to engage your target audience
  • Direct relevant traffic to your website
  • Monthly benchmark and progress reports

These key areas which when improved will improve your search rankings:

SEO Packages

All SEO packages are custom built and quoted for our clients based on various factors including competition, keyword research and existing website content.

Minimum 20 keywords
Website optimisation
Content creation
Link building
Monthly SEO reports
Minimum 60 keywords
Website optimisation
Content creation
Link building
Social media marketing
Brand reputation monitoring
Content management
Competitor Analysis
Email marketing